Smile with HNA Dental Clinic

Smile with HNA Dental Clinic

Posted on August 11th, 2020 - Written by Leah Labeña

The current pandemic has caused several businesses, including dental clinics to close for the past few months as an understandable safety precaution. Lately, you might be seeing more clinics slowly getting back to business with a few extra protocols added to their normal workflow. We interviewed Doctor Hana Enciso from HNA Dental Clinic to share her beginnings as a business owner and what it means to be a self-established dental clinic and still make patients smile despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Humble beginnings

Having gone through several arduous years of dental school, Doctor Hana Enciso has always dreamed of having her own dental clinic. After gaining relevant experience as an associate dentist for a private clinic and as a dentist for an insurance company, her dream became a reality when she first established her first clinic in 2014. Although this first clinic was temporary, Doctor Hana shortly thereafter decided to put up HNA Dental Clinic in 2015 and considered it as her main clinic. However, there will always be roadblocks in every person’s venture into business, with it being a tricky path for even the most seasoned entrepreneurs. Doctor Hana reminisces and notes that her very first challenge was finding out how to have more regulars and gain their trust. For a naturally good-natured person and an essentially caring doctor such as Doctor Hana, she was able to build a good rapport with her clients by becoming welcoming and friendly while also maintaining the attentiveness needed to discern their needs. HNA Dental Clinic’s steady, organic growth began as they started to get more visitors gained through the referrals and good reviews of their first patients.

Another personal challenge for Doctor Hana was finding the confidence to assure herself that she’s doing things right. She admits that she was a bit tense in the beginning because having her own clinic meant that it would be the first time that she finally applied everything that she studied into her work. She recalls, “Yung first job ko kasi dati, limited lang yung mga dental procedures [na nagawa ko]. So yun yung challenge--na magawa ko ng maayos yung surgeries.” With HNA Dental’s constant growth over the years, it can be said with certainty that Doctor Hana’s skills are definitely that of a competent and proficient dentist.

Caring for patients

Caring for patients comes naturally for Doctor Hana and everyone at HNA Dental Clinic. She notes that she always communicates with her patients pre and post operations--beforehand to make sure she knows what the clients need, and afterwards to check up on their condition and find out if they need anything else. She makes it a point to personally message her patients to remind them of necessary practices to remember that are vital in maintaining their dental health.

Because this genuine concern for their patients is something that has already been fostered in the clinic, it is no surprise that HNA Dental would extend its care to their patients further with thorough protocols in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the challenge of performing operations while wearing PPE suits, Doctor Hana affirms that everyone in the clinic is still required to wear them. Plastic barriers are also put up in the clinic, and an aerosol suction machine has been stationed to absorb splatters that might be generated during dental procedures. During operations, air purifiers are used to filter and circulate indoor air. Meanwhile, after operations, they make sure to cleanse the clinic with UV light technology and by misting floors and surfaces with disinfectants. These elaborate measures cost a lot of time, which affects the number of patients they can accommodate in a day, and ultimately, the clinic’s sales. However, when asked about how she stays positive despite the pandemic affecting their sales, Doctor Hana simply expresses that although more limited, she’s still grateful for the business she gets from her patients. She states, “Iniisip ko na lang din na mas okay na yung ganito kaysa naman nung naka-lockdown. At least ngayon, meron na kaming income and more importantly, nakakatulong pa rin kami.”

Dedication and constant growth

Despite already having numbers of years in her belt as an accomplished dentist, Doctor Hana strives to further grow HNA Dental Clinic and extend their current services by delving more into pediatric dentistry. Doctor Hana shared, “Although we accommodate child patients, iba pa kasing specialization yung pedia [Pedia is a whole other specialization]. May ibang equipment talagang kailangan. So, gusto ko i-upgrade yung set up ng clinic. [There’s some different equipment needed. So, I want to upgrade the clinic’s set up.]”

Doctor Hana’s dedication and commitment to her work is also reflected in her advice for those who want to dabble in dentistry, as well as for those who dream of having their own clinics someday. She advises, “As a student, number one talagang kailangan ay marami kang pasensya at tiyaga [The number one thing you should have as a student is a lot of patience and perseverance]. Pagdating naman sa mga gusto mag practice, based sa experience ko, best kung pumasok ka muna as associate dentist para makakuha ka muna ng experience. [When it comes to those who want to really practice dentistry, based on my experience, it’s best if you become an associate dentist first so you can gain experience.]” She shared that her background as an associate dentist for other clinics taught her how to deal with different patients and how to apply certain practices in various situations. On top of that, she even learned more about the business side of it all, which she eventually applied as she set up her own clinic. Doctor Hana emphasizes the importance of gaining experience first, as well as the patience needed to pull it off, which she guarantees will help dentists mature more in their craft in the long run.

Upgrading with JazzyPay

Partnering up with JazzyPay has allowed Doctor Hana to upgrade HNA Dental Clinic by providing cashless payments to her clients through different payment methods. She expresses her appreciation on how easy it is for her and her clients to use, because credit and debit cards can now be used even without a POS machine. She states, “Mas kampante yung patients na alam nilang kahit magkano yung aabutin ng procedure nila, secured sila, kasi merong JazzyPay. [Our patients feel more comfortable since they know that no matter how much their procedure will cost, they’re still secured because they can use JazzyPay.” We hope that JazzyPay becomes an integral part of the clinic’s growth and plans for expansion!

HNA Dental Clinic believes that everyone deserves to smile. Get the best dental cosmetic and orthodontic care with Doctor Hana by setting up an appointment. Contact them through their Facebook page or call 0933 877 0924.

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