About Us


Jazzypay is a unified payment platform that was initially launched to enable customers to pay schools, clinics and hospitals efficiently through their mobile phones using different payment methods such as; online banking, over-the-counter, credit card, e-wallets, e-checks and crypto-currency payment options.

JAZZY means ‘bright’, ‘colourful’ or ‘showy’ which resembles style when combined to the word ‘PAY’ and becomes meaningful to us since we facilitate payment services in a new different level.

Inspired by a widespread duck which breeds in temperate Eurasia and migrates to south during winter, teal a medium blue-green (primarily blue) colour, similar to cyan was adapted in JAZZYPAY’s design process. The result was a combination of 3 colours such as; Dark Moderate Blue text ‘Jazzy’, Strong Blue text ‘Pay’ and Moderate Green ‘Check’ symbol.


On July 2018, Jazzypay joins Rakuten Accelerator, Powered by Techstars. A three month intensive program that took place at 71 Robinson Road, WeWork Singapore.

Additional information about the program is available here.