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Register your business with JazzyPay now!

Looking for an online payment gateway system for your business? With JazzyPay, you can start accepting cashless payments instantly without hassle with our easy registration process!

How to pay through JazzyPay

Want to know how to pay through JazzyPay or instruct your customers to pay your business? This video's got you covered.

How to Register your Business to JazzyPay.com

Hey there, we're thrilled to know that you're interested in partnering your business with JazzyPay! Watch this video to learn about our easy registration process.

How to Send Payment Requests to your customers via JazzyPay

Yes, you read the video title right. With JazzyPay, you can send bills/ invoices to your customers anytime, anywhere for smooth and hassle-free transactions.

How to Create and Share your Jazzypay Company Page

As our partner merchant, you have your very own profile page that you can customize and share with your clients. Learn how to utilize this feature in just 3 easy steps.

How to Refer a Friend to JazzyPay

You can start earning rewards just for referring another business to JazzyPay! Learn how our refer a friend feature works to start earning through referrals.

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