Adventist Hospital Santiago City, Inc.: Building healthy communities through compassionate service

Adventist Hospital Santiago City, Inc.: Building healthy communities through compassionate service

Posted on September 4th, 2020 - Written by Leah Labeña

Compassionate healthcare is always a need for every healthy society. The link between quality professional service and empathic service may sometimes be taken for granted, but for medical institutions, a naturally caring environment is essential. For so many decades now, Adventist Hospital Santiago City, or AHSCI, has always been gracious with extending purposeful and responsive service while building nurturing relationships with the communities it serves. Today, let’s explore the philosophy of AHSCI and know how it continues to serve effectively throughout the years with Mr. Erjan Orbe, AHSCI’s Marketing Staff and Admin Secretary, as our guide.

60 years of service and beyond

Only operating as a small hospital in Santiago City in 1959, AHSCI has gone through a couple of location changes and several expansions before they became the AHSCI that we know today, currently standing in the heart of Santiago City. “We’ve been around for more than 60 years na [already]. Senior citizen na kami [We (AHSCI) are already senior citizens]”, Mr. Erjan quips. “But rest assured that our excellent health services stay the same.” Indeed, AHSCI’s long years of service is indicative of its resilience as a medical institution and reflective of the strength of its medical system. Right now, AHSCI is an accredited 50-bed capacity hospital by the Department of Health, and is planning to soon expand to reach their goal as a 140-bed capacity hospital. With its goals for further development and continuous desire for advancement, it is no surprise that AHSCI will only continue to serve for many years more.


While “AHSCI” serves as an abbreviation for Adventist Hospital Santiago City, Inc., the set of letters also holds a special meaning, as each letter represents the medical institution’s core values: accountability, harmony, service, compassion, and innovation. Being a medical institution sworn to serve, AHSCI holds itself accountable for its responsibilities as an establishment for healthcare, keeps a harmonious environment for its patients and staff, practices relentless service, incorporates compassion and empathy into their work, and considers opportunities for innovation for the advancement of its service.

The hospital is notably active in giving back and expanding their service to different communities. Hand in hand with the Seventh Day Adventist Church, AHSCI regularly holds medical missions twice a month, wherein they share the word of God through evangelistc meetings and conduct check ups and even minor surgeries afterwards. During these medical missions, AHSCI especially focuses on discussing preventive healthcare to the public and incorporating the Complete Health Improvement Program or CHIP, an intensive, community-based lifestyle change solution, into their lectures. By imparting vital information that can help anyone be informed about keeping themselves healthy and avoiding risk factors for diseases, AHSCI extends its hand of service to underserved groups and communities while also sharing hopeful messages of faith. With their medical mission program, AHSCI has covered almost all locations in Region 2. Although the program has temporarily come to a halt because of the pandemic, AHSCI will always be ready to get back to reaching out to different communities.

AHSCI at their medical outreach in Dicuraban, Nagtipunan

Meanwhile, as the hospital faces challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, it has also rapidly adapted to the current situation by ensuring that the establishment’s space is kept safe through strict preventive health measures. AHSCI has disinfectants strategically placed within the hospital, deployed a no mask, no entry policy, and keeps and maintains an organized triage for their incoming patients. Its facilities are also subject to regular disinfection. In addition to their current services, AHSCI recently launched their home service for laboratory needs and teleconsultation. The hospital is also presently developing their nursing home service for patients who need nursing care for their conditions.

Mental healthcare for employees

During such a scary and risky time for everyone, especially our frontliners, Mr. Erjan highlights how the hospital cares for its employees by placing significance on the hospital staff’s mental health. AHSCI regularly holds debriefing programs for their employees who are experiencing anxiety while working during these uncertain times. The hospital’s administration, led by AHSCI’s President, Dr. Jaime Jimenez, makes it a point to assist their hospital staff during the pandemic, recognizing that both their patients and staff need to be cared for equally. By setting up such programs, AHSCI fosters a sense of togetherness and a nurturing environment within its community. When asked about what advice he can give to fellow frontliners in order to find the strength they need to keep going and keep serving everyday, the same feeling of warm fellowship can be felt. Mr. Erjan responds, “If they’re feeling down, seek help. In our hospital, we urge them to talk to somebody, alagaan din natin yung mental health ng bawat isa [Let’s take care of each other’s mental health]. Always have compassion for each other, because usually ang makakaintindi lang din sa frontliners ay fellow frontliners [usually the only ones who can understand frontliners are their fellow frontliners].”

Of course, remaining steadfast in their faith as they serve is also another thing that empowers AHSCI’s frontliners. Mr Erjan shares, “We encourage everyone to have a mindset to serve while never losing our connection with the higher power. We need it so we won’t forget why we’re here and why we’re doing what we do.”

Another step of innovation through JazzyPay

Staying true to one of their core values, AHSCI never misses an opportunity to develop and innovate itself in order to continuously provide quality and compassionate health services to many communities. This is why they chose to partner up with JazzyPay, bringing their patients the convenience of paying online through a total of 27 payment methods. Mr. Erjan says, “Having only cash payments as our only payment option for so long, we’re transitioning to a contactless, digital phase for the convenience and safety of our patients.” 

Adventist Hospital Santiago City, Inc. is a medical institution providing healthcare services in the heart of Santiago City for more than 60 years. Learn about their current medical programs through their Facebook page @ahsciisabela here.

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