Complete your smile with Compleat Smile Dental Aesthetics Centre

Complete your smile with Compleat Smile Dental Aesthetics Centre

Posted on September 18th, 2020 - Written by Leah Labeña

When it comes to dental services, it is only natural for people to always seek out the most trusted and experienced people to take care of them. Having 34 years of practice under their belts, you can never be more sure of receiving the finest dental care from Compleat Smile Dental Aesthetics Centre Pasay City branch’s owners, Doctor Jonathan Acosta and Doctor Melinda “May” Acosta. We spoke with Doctor May to learn about what makes a good doctor and a positive business owner in the face of the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Venture into Compleat Smile

Before Compleat Smile was founded, Doctors May and Jonathan Acosta were running their own personal clinic in Pasay City. In 2012, when a family friend and colleague invited them to form a premium dental clinic together with other seasoned dentists, the couple took the opportunity to take the next step into their careers. Continuous meetings and plans were carried out until Compleat Smile Dental Aesthetics Centre was formed and registered under their company Globalaesthetic, Inc.

When they secured their current location in Pasay City, Doctor May and Doctor Jonathan were quite worried about their spot, considering that the area was only a parking space at the corner of SMX. To their surprise, while the clinic was being constructed, they found out that the current Conrad Hotel was also in the works near their clinic, putting their business in a desirable spot. Sure enough, when the clinic finally opened in 2013, Compleat Smile’s SMX branch easily became one of the most accessible dental clinics in the heart of Pasay City. Shortly thereafter, Compleat Smile's Quezon City Branch also opened in 2014, managed by Doctors Christopher and Evelyn Velasquez.

Care experts

Providing dental care is a given for dentists such as Doctor May and Doctor Jonathan; however, having been practicing dentistry for 34 years, it is safe to say that not only are they masters in their craft that is dentistry, but also experts in taking care of their patients. When asked how they gain their patients’ trust, Doctor May says, “We remain approachable. Talagang personal touch ang kailangan sa mga patients [A personal touch is really needed when dealing with patients].” The number one rule she gives her associate dentists is to always remember to listen to their patients and treat them with respect. “When patients bring up their concerns, hindi mo pwedeng sabihing, ‘Ay wala ho yan, ganyan lang talaga yan’ [you can’t say, ‘Oh, that’s nothing, that’s just the way it is’]”--no. Dapat laging ‘Sige po, i-check natin’ [You should instead always say, ‘Okay, Ma’am/ Sir, let’s check’]” She adds that even experienced dentists should not force certain procedures without properly listening to their clients.

Compleat Smile Dental Aesthetics Centre, Mall of Asia Branch Operating Room

The clinic owners’ constant pursuit of knowledge is yet another testimony to their dedication in providing the best care for their patients. As the medical world is constantly evolving, Doctor May shares that they regularly attend seminars to keep up and stay updated with advancements and technologies in the medical field. “Kapag nasa medical field ka, hindi pwedeng pag graduate mo, okay na yun. [If you’re in the medical field, you shouldn’t be satisfied with just the knowledge you’ve gained upon graduating.]” As a medical professional, it is crystal clear to Doctor May that it is important to never lose their commitment to learn and embrace their responsibility to continuously seek knowledge.

With this philosophy, Compleat Smile takes pride in investing on modern, state of the art dental equipment to continuously provide the best care for their patients. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the clinic is well-equipped in keeping both their patients and employees safe on top of strictly complying to the CDC’s recommended safety protocols. “Hindi kami takot mag-reopen despite the pandemic, dahil kumpleto yung equipment namin--nag-adapt kami immediately. Safe kami, and more importantly, safe din yung mga pasyente. [We were not afraid to re-open our clinic, because we have all the equipment needed--we adapted immediately. We’re safe, and more importantly, our patients are also safe.”]

Compleat Smile Dental Aesthetics Centre, Mall of Asia Branch

Through ups and downs

Although the journey of establishing Compleat Smile did not come without troubles and challenges, Doctor May always chooses to look at the brighter side of every situation. It is not unusual for any business owner to be concerned about attracting clients especially when their business has just been set up, but this was not the case for Compleat Smile. As they’ve already gained the trust and confidence of their patients from their old clinic, their patients willingly followed Doctor May and Doctor Jonathan to their new location. Despite the personal difficulties they initially faced, Doctor May focused on the advantages they already had.

Today, Doctor May keeps the same mentality despite the effects of the pandemic to their business. She recalls their situation when they first reopened their clinic after the lockdown. “On the first day, we only had two patients. The next day, three patients. Magkano lang ‘yung kinikita. Sabi ko, anong mangyayari sa ‘tin nito? [We only earned a little. I thought, ‘what would happen to us?’]” but she continued, “Pero hindi. Sabi ko nga, ang galing talaga ni Lord, pinakita niya sa atin na kahit ganito yung nangyari, He still provides [“But no, I said, “The Lord is really great. He’s showing that despite our situation, He still provides].”

When asked what advice she can give to business owners during this time, she lists three important things: to keep your faith in the Lord, have positive thinking, and to never lose hope. “Magkakasama ‘yun [Those three all go together],” she says. As frontliners who are exposed to different people and various health risks everyday, she emphasizes the importance of prayer and having faith that you and your business will be kept safe no matter what. “You should also always be thankful for what you have. If you earn just a small amount today, appreciate that you’re still earning, and do your best to stay positive.”

Better with JazzyPay

Although Compleat Smile is no stranger to accepting cashless payments, Doctor May expresses her appreciation of JazzyPay’s lower rates compared to credit card providers’ charges. “Mas mura siya, kasi umaabot ng 5-7% yung charge sa ibang credit cards. [The fees are smaller, because other credit cards charge up to 5-7%].” Doctor May shares. The convenience of JazzyPay’s send payment request feature is also one of the things that stands out to the clinic’s owners. She continues, “Convenient din yung bagong feature ng JazzyPay na pwede kang mag-send ng bills automatically [JazzyPay’s new feature where we can send bills to patients automatically is also convenient].” With the new feature, the clinic can now send invoices and receive online payments anytime and anywhere, eliminating the risk of spreading the virus through cash payments.

Compleat Smile believes that your smile is an investment of a lifetime. You can get every type of dental service and be assured to receive only the best care for any procedure. Book an appointment with their friendly and professional doctors through

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