Manila Adventist College: Shaping minds, changing lives

Manila Adventist College: Shaping minds, changing lives

Posted on August 28th, 2020 - Written by Leah Labeña

Since we were young, we’ve always been taught that schools serve as our second homes. And true enough, the educational institutions that we’ve gone through play an important role in shaping our attitudes and values. Manila Adventist College, also known as MAC, has impacted many communities and shaped countless young minds to prepare them for their next roles in society. We had the chance to sit and talk with Ms. Lady Mataya, Marketing Director, to learn more about the school’s rich history, its goals and vision, and its legacy as an accomplished academe.

Withstanding the test of time

Although people might think that Manila Adventist College’s story started in 1993, MAC has actually been around for much longer, and has a rich history of growth and development. It was first established in 1927 as a dispensary for Manila Sanitarium and Hospital (MSH) now known as Adventist Medical Center Manila. In as early as the 1930’s, MSH was already offering three-year nursing programs, only continuing to expand as time went by. Both the Adventist school and hospital witnessed the second World War, with the Japanese having even occupied the establishment. “Marami talagang nangyari, pero laging nakaka-recover [A lot of things happened, but the hospital always recovered].”

Indeed, from wars to many economical shifts, the Adventist institutions faced many challenges, yet they still withstood the test of time. Eventually, the Adventist school was officially established as an educational institution and not just the hospital’s dispensary. More courses and programs were approved and offered, the school building was expanded, and CHED accreditations were granted. Despite having changed its name over the years, however, the school’s identity continued to remain the same. With its current name as Manila Adventist College, the school has already produced thousands of professionals in their own field of specializations, and will only continue to be a beacon of light for those seeking for an excellent, Christ-centered educational experience.

Lead on, MAC!

“Lead on”, a phrase that can be seen in the college’s official seal, incorporates the school’s many admirable goals for excellence. Their mission is to equip students for life, and their vision is to be the leading, Christ-centered and research-oriented institution of learning. With top quality facilities, accomplished faculty, and an effective academic program, it’s not hard to see why the school is on the right path in achieving its goals. However, these qualities are not all the things that make MAC an exceptional learning environment. While it is truly important for the school to encourage academic excellence for their students, with the college and its community as their guide, Ms. Lady emphasizes the equal importance of placing the same weight on positively influencing students' characters. “Academic excellence is a given for educational institutions,” she says, “but above knowledge and skills, our teachers place the same significance in shaping our students’ values, para hindi lang namin sila pine-prepare [so we don’t only prepare them] for the real world or the corporate world, but for eternity.” 

She proudly shares how MAC’s teachers apply empathic and redemptive approaches when educating young minds. If students are having trouble following lessons, MAC’s faculty always try to go the extra mile. Ms. Lady shares, “I could vouch that our faculty really makes themselves available for the students, or they directly reach out to them to help students. The faculty does its best to make sure that they graduate with excellence.” 

And while MAC promotes Christian education, the school does not enforce the Adventist faith to students or staff who have different beliefs. Instead, they focus on making students feel that the school cares for them, because ultimately, a nurturing environment can only be achieved through a positive and genuine relationship. Through this, the school has become a safe haven for a diverse community of students with varying beliefs. “We want to put our students in a position where they will have more advantage for take off through both quality education and a compassionate learning environment,” Ms. Lady claims.

Education during COVID

During the current COVID-19 pandemic, MAC remains steadfast in leading their students onto the path of higher education despite the current situation. When the pandemic initially hit the country, the college made sure to adapt to the effects it brought about to the school year’s entire schedule. MAC continued to offer its inter-semester term with well-developed courses that did not compromise the quality of education they offer during normal semesters.

College schedule and list of courses offered for college students (SY 2020-2021)

MAC has recently kicked off the new school year for college students last August 17th, while Senior High students' school year started last August 24th. Remaining committed to their goal of being the premier, Christ-centered and research-oriented institution of learning, the school has already conducted their fully-online enrollment for both old and new students. The curriculum for all courses are prepared and ready, with students having the option to take their classes through live online lessons, pre-recorded lessons, or through learning modules that will be distributed by the college. By offering various alternative ways of learning, students are able to choose their preferred method, and MAC has rendered itself as a flexible and effective institution for learning. 

Easier enrollment process with JazzyPay

Since education will be mostly online at the time being during the pandemic, JazzyPay has helped many students and families pay for tuition fees in the comfort of their own homes without risking their health by going outside. Ms. Lady says that even before and once the pandemic is over, JazzyPay will continue to be useful because of the variety of students at MAC. She shares, “We have students from different parts of the country, and even from abroad. JazzyPay is a way for them to pay online wherever they are, before, during, and even after the pandemic”.

Manila Adventist College (MAC) is the educational arm of the Adventist Medical Center Manila. Know more about the academe by visiting their website at or check out their plans for the school year through their Facebook page @LeadOnMAC here

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